Sad news

Matthew G Rigby

Jan 1960 to Mar 2022

It is with great sadness that we announce

the passing of Matthew our Managing Director.

He passed away at home surrounded by his family

on Thursday 10th March 2022.

He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

RIP Matthew

What a difference a year makes

January 2021 and the lacrosse pitches are deserted, making the January Blues even darker… more of a Stockport blue than a Timperley one.

 Come on you blues!!!

Move on 12 months and the future looks nearly as bright as our marquee in the Rochdale sunshine (yes, it was sunny at the Flags one year)

 This wasn’t at Rochdale btw.

Whilst we still face many challenges, it is encouraging to be able to welcome young people to our emporium in the heart of Stockport as they buy their first stick on what is hopefully a long and successful  career in the sport. As well as also catering for, shall we say the more experienced players still plying their trade across our green and pleasant land.

As we all know Covid, has caused problems in terms of product availability across a wide variety of industries and the supply of lacrosse equipment has been affected. We are working hard with the manufacturers to make sure we have a good choice of the best equipment and new stock is arriving all the time. However if you can’t see what you want on our site, please call our experts (yes, that includes me) and we can advise on availability or offer suitable alternatives. A service you can’t always get with online businesses and we always enjoy speaking with our customers.

Let’s hope 2022 is a great year for our wonderful sport and please remember….

 Cheers, Dave



Hattersleys Christmas Message


Her Majesty The Queen                          Mark Coups, CEO England Lacrosse

Normally I wouldn’t issue a Christmas message, but if it’s good enough for the Queen and the England Lacrosse CEO, then it’s good enough for me.

So, in true award ceremony fashion…First of all I would like to thank….

Actually, let’s just cut to the chase and on behalf of everyone at Hattersleys, I would like wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and thank you for all your support during the past 12 months… Ok, that’ll do.

Unfortunately because of Covid we won’t be going to Hawaii this year…. We usually don’t go because we can’t afford it, so we’ll be around to offer our usual great service and ready to welcome 2022 and the opportunity to once again serve and support this great sport of ours.

All the best, Dave

Life in the fast lane

If you grew up before the introduction of mobile phones and the internet, I’m sure you’ll agree the pace of life has got a lot quicker. Communication means you can send a video of your speed dodge to mates across the pond from the touchline at Brooklands or Buckhurst Hill and they can admire your skills immediately. You can order a stick from us and get it next day in places as far apart as Edinburgh and Exeter. You can video chat with a lacrosse expert sat in a Mill in Stockport from the comfort of your home in Surrey or St Andrews…ok you’ve probably got my point by now.

But, not only has the pace of life increased (with the exception of driving in London) also the pace of most sports has increased. Better nutrition and training means players are stronger and faster than they were in years gone by, no longer the pre match warm up of a fag in the car park after a night on the ale (I’m speaking from experience here and a fag is another name for a cigarette in case you weren’t sure) The development of equipment and the better quality pitches mean the game is faster, with the best attack players, both men and women shooting at incredible speeds, who’d be a goalie these days?

Please see the link at the bottom of this blog for tips on how to develop a faster lacrosse shot. Thanks to Lax Weekly for producing it.

Whilst a healthy lifestyle is essential for the successful sports person, there is always time for the occasional day off and a take away or visit to a fast food restaurant. Here are a few of the fast food options a short walk from our base in Stockport


All fast food outlets, but the fastest has to be this place…

So fast they didn’t have time to put the ‘c’ in quick.

I’ll get my coat…

Cheers, Dave


“Wood” you believe it’s…

…nearly seven years since “Mr Tom” Beckett hung up his woodworking tools and swapped the hickory of Lacrosse for the lignum vitae of the Bowls world. I’m pleased to report that Tom is enjoying retirement and still attends the Hattersleys’ lavish Christmas outings, which usually involve a journey along the Real Ale Trail, ending in a curry house in Eccles. A man of simple taste, who was actually once spotted buying a round!!! 

Back in 2014 we saw that the modern game no longer wanted the traditional wooden sticks and we decided to move away from manufacturing, where we had also branched into making sticks for Shinty. This also dovetailed nicely with Tom’s retirement. So we cut the wooden sticks out of  our range, but still continued to provide top quality lacrosse sticks, albeit made from man made materials. Whilst as with most things in life, it hasn’t been plane sailing, we have been fortunate to work with the worlds’ biggest U.S manufacturers and supply the needs of lacrosse players in this country and beyond.

Even though we left Eccles (our home for over 100 years), the history of the wooden lacrosse stick is ingrained in this business and you can see pieces of our proud history in our showroom here in Stockport. So feel free to pop in to reminisce about a bygone era whilst at the same time viewing the very latest in lacrosse products.

I’ll end this piece with a clip from 2014 featuring the man himself. Cheers, Tom, the next round’s on you.

It’s that time of the year again…

 Following on from last week’s Blog and the triumphant return of Cristiano, this week heralds the return to study and in particular University for many of our young people. An exciting time and the opportunity for students to be introduced to lots of new people and experiences.

Whist the partying will get the main headlines, it’s the other new experiences that can lead to much longer lasting enjoyment and satisfaction. It is always nice to speak to people now playing our wonderful sport, who were introduced to it whilst at a Fresher’s Fair, having never heard of the game before. I’m sure most students this week when faced with somebody wielding a lacrosse stick in their direction and asking “Have you heard of lacrosse?” will respond with the usual “Isn’t it a game played by American Indians?” reply. Fortunately for lacrosse, the stick wielding student will then usually do a great job of persuading the bewildered fresher onto the field and hopefully a future in the game.

After Covid there is a great buzz about the return of life “back to normal” however the financial challenges for clubs are probably greater than ever and providing equipment for all these new recruits can be a juggling act for this year’s incoming club treasurer.

Ok….this is where I cut to the chase. Hopefully you’ve read this far and as with all great publications/productions there’s usually a plug for something. Thankfully I’m not asking for you to send me your bank details or invest in  a Timeshare apartment in our Mill by the Mersey in Stockport (I don’t believe there are any by the way.)..yet.

Below: Vernon Mill

As I’ve mentioned before in previous ramblings, whilst a commercial business, we are also here to grow the game and that means supporting clubs in their development. There are a few ways we do this.

  • Offer bulk discounts on equipment
  • Offer discount codes for our website to encourage new players to buy their own equipment
  • Attend training sessions to offer advice on equipment

The social benefits of playing lacrosse are fantastic and these “beginners” often progress and move into club lacrosse once their studies end.

So we’re here to help and have even been know to buy the odd round in the Student Union Bar. Give us a shout.




Reaching out, touching me, touching you

Words from the Neil Diamond hit that has been sung at many sporting events throughout the summer and with extra gusto as we have welcomed the return to some sort of normality.

Thanks to an association with the red half of Manchester, I have felt the full force of the Manchester United machine “reaching out” to tell me about the second coming (the return of Cristiano Ronaldo that is) A bombardment of texts and emails etc spreading the “good” news. A PR/Marketing man’s dream and a guaranteed money spinner.

How many mens lacrosse players will be missing their Saturday afternoon, training sessions/matches to watch a dodgy stream of his return via some foreign TV channel, as Steve Bruce’s Newcastle arrive at the Theatre of Dreams like lambs to the slaughter.

Apparently the men’s lacrosse game in England is in decline with fewer youngsters taking up the sport and no doubt a lot of the older players hanging up their boots during the pandemic, never to return. There are many reasons for non participation and whilst the future looks far from rosy, there is sterling work being done at a number of clubs, who are taking on these challenges and growing the game despite the difficulties.

Whilst this great work must be applauded, we need to remind ourselves, the equipment suppliers, players, officials and ofcourse, the governing body to reach out and share the good news of the gospel according to David Shuttleworth. We need to invite lapsed player back to the game and encourage youngsters to pick up a stick. Whilst certain initiatives like the Fly are good, we must not neglect the grass roots of the men’s game.

Ok, so how do we do that?

Well you can buy a boys/mens lacrosse stick from ourselves for less than half the price of a replica United shirt. Clubs can and do recycle equipment. People give up their valuable time to recruit and coach young players and we must not stop doing this if we are to keep the game as we know it alive and well. I didn’t want to turn this into a long sermon, especially when preaching to the converted, so here endeth the lesson.

Go forth folks, Reach out and spread the word…All together now…Sweet Caroline…



Bath or Barth Lacrosse

It’s that time of the year again when thoughts of pre-season training and the return from the joys of  Fiddlestx on the beach to the rigours of the training field begin to appear.

However …All is not lost.

For us lacrosse folk, the fast approaching start of September means there is one more opportunity to enjoy some competitive lacrosse in the last of the warm weather before the cold damp Saturday afternoons arrive, usually right on cue with the start of the league season.

Yes, it’s time to start preparing for the annual Bath 8’s or Barth 8’s depending on which part of the UK you were “brung up” in.

After a summer break and the restrictions caused by Covid, the opportunity to play some competitive lacrosse, albeit with a hangover will be on the travel plans of many players.

I first attended the Bath 8s (not in a playing capacity of course) in 1996 and having survived a night with the Rochdale lads (no mean feat), enjoyed watching them and the rest of the lacrosse community play the beautiful game on the Recreation Ground, whilst the hot air balloons floated serenely overhead. I even sold the odd lacrosse stick as well.

I recently found an interesting article (in Lacrosse Talk magazine, December 1998) on how lacrosse came to this beautiful Spa city and thanks to the hard work of a dedicated few has thrived and continues to do so, yet again hosting this famous weekend of lacrosse.

As usual the tournament is now full, with teams from all over the UK. But if you want to combine a staycation with watching some decent lacrosse, be sure to check out the link below…

Bath Eights 2021

Oh and there’s usually a bar open.




Practise, practise, practise


Now that the we’re emerging from the restrictions that have affected all of us and in particular young sports people, it gives us a great opportunity to get out there and practise the sport we love.

I’ve included some quotes below to offer as inspiration (and we all need that sometimes)

  1. “I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed” – Michael Jordan
  2. Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are.  Practice only makes for improvement.  – Les Brown
  3. Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong
  4. If you don’t practice, you don’t deserve to win. – Andre Agassi
  5. When you get to practice against the best, it brings the best out of you. – Marshawn Lynch
  6. Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know.  – Rembrandt
  7. “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do” – Derek Jeter
  8.  Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practise every day.
  9. When you are not practising, someone else is getting better.
  10. When you practise, you get better.

Cheers, Dave


Come on England!!

With apologies to our many friends from other nations, we’d like to be a tad self indulgent and celebrate  the great efforts of our footballers in the Euros (so far) It’s not every year/decade we beat Germany!!!.

We’d also like to recognise some of those who’ve represented England at Lacrosse….

Some names you may recognise…



Hope these bring back some memories and we look forward to cheering on our current international players in the near future.

All together now….”It’s coming……

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