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Bath or Barth Lacrosse

It’s that time of the year again when thoughts of pre-season training and the return from the joys of  Fiddlestx on the beach to the rigours of the training field begin to appear.

However …All is not lost.

For us lacrosse folk, the fast approaching start of September means there is one more opportunity to enjoy some competitive lacrosse in the last of the warm weather before the cold damp Saturday afternoons arrive, usually right on cue with the start of the league season.

Yes, it’s time to start preparing for the annual Bath 8’s or Barth 8’s depending on which part of the UK you were “brung up” in.

After a summer break and the restrictions caused by Covid, the opportunity to play some competitive lacrosse, albeit with a hangover will be on the travel plans of many players.

I first attended the Bath 8s (not in a playing capacity of course) in 1996 and having survived a night with the Rochdale lads (no mean feat), enjoyed watching them and the rest of the lacrosse community play the beautiful game on the Recreation Ground, whilst the hot air balloons floated serenely overhead. I even sold the odd lacrosse stick as well.

I recently found an interesting article (in Lacrosse Talk magazine, December 1998) on how lacrosse came to this beautiful Spa city and thanks to the hard work of a dedicated few has thrived and continues to do so, yet again hosting this famous weekend of lacrosse.

As usual the tournament is now full, with teams from all over the UK. But if you want to combine a staycation with watching some decent lacrosse, be sure to check out the link below…

Bath Eights 2021

Oh and there’s usually a bar open.




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