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Reaching out, touching me, touching you

Words from the Neil Diamond hit that has been sung at many sporting events throughout the summer and with extra gusto as we have welcomed the return to some sort of normality.

Thanks to an association with the red half of Manchester, I have felt the full force of the Manchester United machine “reaching out” to tell me about the second coming (the return of Cristiano Ronaldo that is) A bombardment of texts and emails etc spreading the “good” news. A PR/Marketing man’s dream and a guaranteed money spinner.

How many mens lacrosse players will be missing their Saturday afternoon, training sessions/matches to watch a dodgy stream of his return via some foreign TV channel, as Steve Bruce’s Newcastle arrive at the Theatre of Dreams like lambs to the slaughter.

Apparently the men’s lacrosse game in England is in decline with fewer youngsters taking up the sport and no doubt a lot of the older players hanging up their boots during the pandemic, never to return. There are many reasons for non participation and whilst the future looks far from rosy, there is sterling work being done at a number of clubs, who are taking on these challenges and growing the game despite the difficulties.

Whilst this great work must be applauded, we need to remind ourselves, the equipment suppliers, players, officials and ofcourse, the governing body to reach out and share the good news of the gospel according to David Shuttleworth. We need to invite lapsed player back to the game and encourage youngsters to pick up a stick. Whilst certain initiatives like the Fly are good, we must not neglect the grass roots of the men’s game.

Ok, so how do we do that?

Well you can buy a boys/mens lacrosse stick from ourselves for less than half the price of a replica United shirt. Clubs can and do recycle equipment. People give up their valuable time to recruit and coach young players and we must not stop doing this if we are to keep the game as we know it alive and well. I didn’t want to turn this into a long sermon, especially when preaching to the converted, so here endeth the lesson.

Go forth folks, Reach out and spread the word…All together now…Sweet Caroline…



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