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It’s that time of the year again…

 Following on from last week’s Blog and the triumphant return of Cristiano, this week heralds the return to study and in particular University for many of our young people. An exciting time and the opportunity for students to be introduced to lots of new people and experiences.

Whist the partying will get the main headlines, it’s the other new experiences that can lead to much longer lasting enjoyment and satisfaction. It is always nice to speak to people now playing our wonderful sport, who were introduced to it whilst at a Fresher’s Fair, having never heard of the game before. I’m sure most students this week when faced with somebody wielding a lacrosse stick in their direction and asking “Have you heard of lacrosse?” will respond with the usual “Isn’t it a game played by American Indians?” reply. Fortunately for lacrosse, the stick wielding student will then usually do a great job of persuading the bewildered fresher onto the field and hopefully a future in the game.

After Covid there is a great buzz about the return of life “back to normal” however the financial challenges for clubs are probably greater than ever and providing equipment for all these new recruits can be a juggling act for this year’s incoming club treasurer.

Ok….this is where I cut to the chase. Hopefully you’ve read this far and as with all great publications/productions there’s usually a plug for something. Thankfully I’m not asking for you to send me your bank details or invest in  a Timeshare apartment in our Mill by the Mersey in Stockport (I don’t believe there are any by the way.)..yet.

Below: Vernon Mill

As I’ve mentioned before in previous ramblings, whilst a commercial business, we are also here to grow the game and that means supporting clubs in their development. There are a few ways we do this.

  • Offer bulk discounts on equipment
  • Offer discount codes for our website to encourage new players to buy their own equipment
  • Attend training sessions to offer advice on equipment

The social benefits of playing lacrosse are fantastic and these “beginners” often progress and move into club lacrosse once their studies end.

So we’re here to help and have even been know to buy the odd round in the Student Union Bar. Give us a shout.




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