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“Wood” you believe it’s…

…nearly seven years since “Mr Tom” Beckett hung up his woodworking tools and swapped the hickory of Lacrosse for the lignum vitae of the Bowls world. I’m pleased to report that Tom is enjoying retirement and still attends the Hattersleys’ lavish Christmas outings, which usually involve a journey along the Real Ale Trail, ending in a curry house in Eccles. A man of simple taste, who was actually once spotted buying a round!!! 

Back in 2014 we saw that the modern game no longer wanted the traditional wooden sticks and we decided to move away from manufacturing, where we had also branched into making sticks for Shinty. This also dovetailed nicely with Tom’s retirement. So we cut the wooden sticks out of  our range, but still continued to provide top quality lacrosse sticks, albeit made from man made materials. Whilst as with most things in life, it hasn’t been plane sailing, we have been fortunate to work with the worlds’ biggest U.S manufacturers and supply the needs of lacrosse players in this country and beyond.

Even though we left Eccles (our home for over 100 years), the history of the wooden lacrosse stick is ingrained in this business and you can see pieces of our proud history in our showroom here in Stockport. So feel free to pop in to reminisce about a bygone era whilst at the same time viewing the very latest in lacrosse products.

I’ll end this piece with a clip from 2014 featuring the man himself. Cheers, Tom, the next round’s on you.

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