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Life in the fast lane

If you grew up before the introduction of mobile phones and the internet, I’m sure you’ll agree the pace of life has got a lot quicker. Communication means you can send a video of your speed dodge to mates across the pond from the touchline at Brooklands or Buckhurst Hill and they can admire your skills immediately. You can order a stick from us and get it next day in places as far apart as Edinburgh and Exeter. You can video chat with a lacrosse expert sat in a Mill in Stockport from the comfort of your home in Surrey or St Andrews…ok you’ve probably got my point by now.

But, not only has the pace of life increased (with the exception of driving in London) also the pace of most sports has increased. Better nutrition and training means players are stronger and faster than they were in years gone by, no longer the pre match warm up of a fag in the car park after a night on the ale (I’m speaking from experience here and a fag is another name for a cigarette in case you weren’t sure) The development of equipment and the better quality pitches mean the game is faster, with the best attack players, both men and women shooting at incredible speeds, who’d be a goalie these days?

Please see the link at the bottom of this blog for tips on how to develop a faster lacrosse shot. Thanks to Lax Weekly for producing it.

Whilst a healthy lifestyle is essential for the successful sports person, there is always time for the occasional day off and a take away or visit to a fast food restaurant. Here are a few of the fast food options a short walk from our base in Stockport


All fast food outlets, but the fastest has to be this place…

So fast they didn’t have time to put the ‘c’ in quick.

I’ll get my coat…

Cheers, Dave


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