Come on England!!

With apologies to our many friends from other nations, we’d like to be a tad self indulgent and celebrate  the great efforts of our footballers in the Euros (so far) It’s not every year/decade we beat Germany!!!.

We’d also like to recognise some of those who’ve represented England at Lacrosse….

Some names you may recognise…



Hope these bring back some memories and we look forward to cheering on our current international players in the near future.

All together now….”It’s coming……

A day in the life…Stockport.

As the stock deliveries start arriving at our HQ, we welcome a new batch of our best selling Swax Lax Training Balls. Every player should have at least one of these, don’t just take our word for it, ask your Coach.

Our resident artists have been busy brightening up the Mill, where else can you see such beauty? (the paintings are quite good as well)

And across the road at KFC (that’s Kingsley Flooring Centre, not the famous fast food restaurant) they are passing on their words of wisdom to the good people of Stockport.

How can anyone possibly say “It’s grim up north”?


It’s coming home…

As we eagerly await our footballers finally bringing home some silverware, we look back to 20 years ago when England hosted some of the World’s finest sportswomen for a festival of Lacrosse.

The brightness of the programme was not reflected in the weather, as Wycombe had probably it’s coldest week in July for decades, I suppose at least us northerners felt at home!!

The hosts, defeated in the Semis, but went on to beat Canada and hold 3rd spot in the World rankings.


Scotland the Brave. Finished above Germany in the group stages, only to lose out to finalists Australia in the Quarters.

The Welsh Dragons finished bottom of the toughest group in the tournament, putting up a brave fight against what were to become the top 3 nations in the world of womens’ lacrosse, before narrowly losing to Canada in the Quarter Finals.

A very brief summary of the tournament, the facts (which I hope are correct) thanks to Wikipedia and not my memory and it was an excellent week of lacrosse.

Away from the field, the camaraderie, fun  and friendship of the lacrosse community stood out for me. …Oh, and the queue of Japanese players with their £50 notes, waiting patiently whilst I printed Team Japan souvenir t shirts on the final day….”This time next year Rodders”

Three Little Birds

Due to our move to new premises, the impact of Covid and now fortunately, a sudden increase in sales after lockdown (thanks folks), we are now low on certain items of stock. We are working to fully restock our showroom and in the meantime if there is a specific product you need, please do not hesitate to let us know and we’ll endeavour to get it for you..
Thank you for your patience.
Or, in the words of Bob Marley…

Leave the tennis balls for Wimbledon

We get quite a lot of customers who for various reasons don’t want to use field lacrosse balls for practising at home. The reasons vary from damage to cars and windows, through to time spent looking for them in the neighbour’s garden, as well as the safety aspect.

So what do people do? Use alternatives of course, which is fine if you choose the right option. What many people use is the tennis ball, which is great for tennis and throwing to the dog, but doesn’t replicate a lacrosse ball. Below is a link to a short video from the inventor of Swax Lax Training Balls who explains the benefits of choosing a specific lacrosse training ball.

.Just to clarify, I have nothing against tennis balls or Wimbledon and have been known to enjoy the odd glass of Pimm’s.




The future’s bright

As we emerge from the restrictions, the world is beginning to look a brighter place (when it’s not raining that is). Here the names of some of Stockport’s finest lacrosse establishments feature on coasters for sale on the town’s market.

Whilst we can’t make our lacrosse sticks as fancy as these, we can custom string them in the colours of your choice. So if you fancy standing out from the crowd or just personalising your lacrosse head, give us a call. We’re here to help and work with the best stringers in the UK.




In February this year, approximately 1,000 passengers are trapped in the Channel Tunnel when two Eurostar trains break down due to electronic failures caused by snow and ice. Hope they weren’t heading north to Sheffield to watch the AEWLA Territorial Championships.

Some good lacrosse players on show that weekend.

Entertainment in Urmston

Back to the 70s. Some decent Lacrosse, a few pints and a dance to the Tinfoil Pop group. Happy days!!

Back in the day…

Watch this space. As well as the usual words of wisdom, I’ll be regularly posting lacrosse photos from a bygone age. This is our Lacrosse Works at 63 Weymouth Road, Eccles in 1970.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Ok, so now you’ve decided what kind of stick you’d like based on suitability, price etc etc, we now get down to the specifics. One of the biggest questions we get asked, especially in the women’s game is what sort of pocket should I use? Again, we’re back to choices and here’s the tricky bit…There is so much choice!!!

Traditional or mesh, hard, soft or wax mesh, launch, runway or rail pocket etc etc . Oh and the important bit…what colours would you like?.

We are talking to lacrosse coaches and  players of all abilities on a daily basis, we speak to the manufacturers and designers, we work with some of  the best stringers in the sport…and still there’s no easy answer, at least not one I can put in the limitations of a blog.

Here’s what we recommend.

  • Ask your coach or friends what they are using and for their recommendations. You’ll probably get a lot of different views  and opinions.
  • Borrow a stick to try!! Unfortunately we’ve not been at many tournaments due to covid and therefore been restricted in how often we’ve been able to let players try before they buy. But that is a great way to find your perfect pocket.
  • Look at online reviews.

Still confused?…Then call us. That’s what we’re here for!!




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