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We offer free online club shops for your school - with a selection of agreed products, giving parents the confidence to purchase the correct products. Mix and match with sticks, goggles, balls and clothing!

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School Packages

We work directly with schools to put together online school packages. With discounts available on package deals, this gives parents the assurance they are purchasing the correct, pre-agreed items.

  • Stick

    We offer a full range of entry level sticks, ideal for those new to lacrosse.

  • Goggles

    An important safety item for those picking up the sport for the first time, these come in a selection of colours and sizes to suit all ages.

  • Balls

    Having either a SwaxLax training ball or standard lacrosse ball within a package allows pupils to practice in their own time.

  • Gloves

    Our gloves offer maximum protection whilst providing added grip and control.

  • Stick Bags

    Imperative for players, storing their sticks and other items such as mouth guards, keys and extra layers.

  • Reversible Pinnies

    The perfect teamwear product for training, games or tours; these allow for a completely custom design, with schoold colours, logos and sponsors for no extra cost!