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Adrenaline Phoenix Goalie Glove (with thumb cap)

Adrenaline Phoenix Goalie Glove (with thumb cap)

This glove is for goalkeepers and has a thumb cap for extra protection.

The Phoenix Glove was designed with the elite player in mind. It combines form and function in a glove that looks great, feels great and provides the highest possible level of protection.

  • Floating back of the hand protection - Designed with breathable spacing between all the pads, allowing for increased air flow and protection in one of the highest impact areas.
  • Thumb protection and flexibility designed to maximize protection and flexibility - the Pad breaks were specifically designed so that the thumb pads roll under and move with the counters of your thumb as you grip your stick.
  • Boxer Fracture pad is elongated at the base of your pinky finger to prevent one of the most common hand injuries in the game. Our All Fight, no Flight logo adds to the look of the glove.
  • Four panel cuff was designed to maximize the customizable area while still providing protection, flexibility, and extra mobility.
  • The highest quality Axe Suede is used on the palm to maximize the feel and grip on your stick. The seams were strategically placed maximize hand motion to maintain contact with the stick at all times.
  • Strategically placed our shield tech on key areas of the fingers to increase the players control of the stick. Check out the textures for some hidden ADRLN art.
  • All padding features a 3 tier multi layer foam with a plastic top layer for added protection.
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