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Swax Lax Pro-Grip Lacrosse Training Ball

Swax Lax Pro-Grip Lacrosse Training Ball

Are you or your players:

Looking for a lacrosse training ball with grippy texture, just like a regulation ball?

Searching for a lacrosse ball you can use in the indoor gym that wont ricochet off bleachers (and is gentle on hardwood floors)?

Need a way to make your indoor practices more productive?

Our Pro-Grip balls can help. They have the same tacky texture as a new lacrosse ball for more accurate throwing and shooting. Most high school and college teams prefer to use it. (UVA, Duke Aldelphi, and Harvard have all used Swax Lax balls for indoor training.)

Key features youll love:

Same grippy texture as a new regulation lacrosse ball

Feels real in your stick

More grip = greater accuracy for shooting and throwing

Gentle on hardwood gym floors

Same size and weight as a regulation lacrosse ball

No bounce and no rebounds means more reps

Are water-resistant and do not contain birdseed as filler

Weight: 142 to 149 grams
Diameter: 64 mm

Please note that ball color may vary from color you see on your screen.

Balls will soften over time with use. Product is latex free.

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